See publications for full list of writings. Some recent pieces:

On Global Issues

Who actually funds the UN and other multilateral organizations?” Brookings post, with Krista Rasmussen. Full Global Brief here (January 2018)

Lessons from an age of progress.” Project Syndicate op-ed (March 2017)

Links in the chain of sustainable finance: Accelerating private investments for the SDGs, including climate action.” Written at invitation of 70th President of UN General Assembly, with Homi Kharas (September 2016)

On Canada

Who and what gets left behind? Assessing Canada’s domestic status on the Sustainable Development Goals.” Brookings paper with Krista Rasmussen (October 2017)

Canada: from exception to exceptional leader.” Vancouver Sun op-ed (February 2017)

Expat voting law ignores idea of global citizens.” Globe and Mail op-ed, with Alison Loat (September 2015)

On Extreme Poverty

How many countries could end extreme poverty tomorrow?” Brookings post (June 2017)

How close is the world to ending extreme poverty?” Brookings post and paper, with Krista Rasmussen. (December 2016)

How to end worldwide poverty by 2030.” A GOOD Magazine article on unconditional cash transfers. Issue 37 (summer).

Agriculture’s role in ending extreme poverty.” A chapter in the Brookings book on The Last Mile in Ending Extreme Poverty (July 2015).

On Global Health

No girl or woman left behind: A global imperative for 2030.” Brookings Up Front. (March 2016)

Seven Million Lives Saved: Under-5 Mortality Since the Launch of the Millennium Development Goals.”  Brookings working paper (September 2014)

On Agriculture, Hunger, and Economic Development

Fertilizing Growth: Agricultural Inputs and their Effects in Economic Development.” Article in Journal of Development Economics with Gordon McCord (March 2017)

What does ‘agriculture’ mean today? Assessing old questions with new evidence.” Brookings paper and data set. (March 2016)

Summary blog: “Where does the world’s food grow?” with Krista Rasmussen

Ending Rural Hunger: Mapping Needs and Actions for Food and Nutrition Security.

On Climate Change

Agriculture in the COP21 Agenda.” Chapter in Brookings report, COP21 at Paris: What to expect – The issues, the actors, and the road ahead on climate change.” (November 2015)

On Global Goals (MDGs and SDGs)

Who pays attention to global development goals?” Brookings post and full paper, with Christine Zhang (October 2015).

Why 17 is a beautiful number” … or “What my mom taught me about geopolitics.” Brookings Future Development post (September 2015)

The Origins of the Millennium Development Goals.” Article in SAIS Review of International Affairs (Fall 2014)

Other topics

Asia’s local leaders could play key role in global accountability” A South China Morning Post Op-Ed (August 2013) 

Pushing the Employment Frontiers for Africa’s Rural and Urban Youth” An article in Brooking’s annual Foresight Africa report (January 2014)


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